What Job Seekers Should Be Doing Now: Part 3

Posted by Kathleen Smith

In the third installment of our three part webinar series, “What Job Seekers Should Be Doing Now,” Pete Radloff, Sr. Sourcing Recruiter, Amazon Web Services, and Alethia Tucker, Director of HR, E-volve Technology Systems, share tips to help guide your job search during these rapidly changing times. Consider these key tips from the webinar or watch the recording below for the full discussion.

1. Slow Your Roll – During the interview and offer stage of your job search it’s important to decipher if the position in question is a good match. These days many people have a little more bandwidth in the process to really examine things and figure out if the position is ideal. So do a deeper dive to find out more information about the company. While you may face a degree of panic during these uncertain times, be targeted as you apply—don’t apply to every available role. And as you get further through the process, don’t close the door on other opportunities until you have a signed offer or final confirmation for onboarding. Make sure everything is solidified before concluding your search.

2. Network With Recruiters – It’s ideal to have five to seven recruiters in your network, so that you can leverage those relationships when the time comes. Heard of networking before you need it? So take the time to connect with recruiters and take the calls that come your way. The position someone reaches out to you about may not be the right fit, but this serves as an opportunity to further your network. It’s also okay to message recruiters on LinkedIn, but be modest in your ask. People are often willing to help, but refrain from high-pressure messages that imply you need help immediately. You might also reach out to former coworkers to gauge who they know and expand your network through their existing connections. Just be sure you offer to help them too.

3. Polish Your Resume – Your resume is a key tool in your job search arsenal, so take the time to ensure it looks good and make improvements. Now is the perfect time to get a second set of eyes on your resume. Take advantage of resume reviews and online groups, or ask a friend to offer feedback whenever possible. And when tailoring your resume to particular positions, look for the buzzwords in the position description that recruiters will be looking for. Are those keywords in your resume?


We received a question during the webinar that was not answered during the live broadcast. You’ll find the question and response below:

Q: Do you recommend candidates send an invitation to connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn?

I think that may be a good idea post-interview. Certainly it’s helpful to look at the profile prior to the call. I think that can give you some sense of how long the interviewer has been at the company, and what they can tell you about where the company is and where they are headed. Looking at their profile also gives you some potential icebreakers, such as people you have in common, or skills, experience or hobbies that you both share.

Sending an invite after the call also allows you to “check the box” for sending a thank-you note to the interviewer, as part of your connection request. Thank-you notes are a nice touch, and show your continued interest in the company and position.

– Pete Radloff


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