Where Do I Wear My Name Badge

Posted by Rob Riggins

Some of you are probably thinking, “Wow, who really cares?”

It may seem trivial, but it’s part of your appearance, and one of the first things others will notice when meeting you at a job fair or networking event. You want to look the part of the prepared professional when meeting recruiters and other cleared job seekers who may be key to your future.

Name badge on leftFor men at a Cleared Job Fair or any job fair with reusable (meaning it isn’t adhesive-backed) name badges, we recommend you clip your name badge to your left upper pocket where you would wear a pocket square.

Some experts recommend that a name badge be worn on your right side. That way when you shake hands when meeting, your name badge is on the part of your torso closest to the person you’re shaking hands with. Then it’s easy for the other person to quickly check out your name badge, part of the ritual of any job fair or networking event.

This solution is more practical if it’s an adhesive backed name badge, or if you choose to pin it to your suit jacket.

woman's name badgeFor women the same advice rules to place your name badge on an upper left pocket if available.

Be sure you avoid placing your name badge in the middle of your cleavage. Yes we see that at job fairs too.

And we see a lot of people with crooked or even upside down name badges, commonly referred to as a spinner. Make sure your name badge is right side up!

At a job fair recruiters are talking to many candidates and you want to make the most of your time with someone who could be instrumental in your job search. If you take care of the details you’ll be one step ahead.

Name Badge Don’ts

Several styles of name badge accessorizing that don’t work well include:


The spinner name badge
The Spinner
Low Rider Name Badge
The Low Rider
lapel name badge
The Lapel, Which Often Leads to a Spinner
Droopy Name Badge
The Droop

What Do I Write On My Name Badge

It’s your name badge so it’s your choice is our opinion. First name and last name are your best option, but there are some who don’t want to have their full name visible in a public setting.

Same with your security clearance. Some individuals put their clearance on their name badge as it’s the currency that will get them a job, and they want a recruiter to know before the conversation even starts. Other cleared job seekers don’t want to publicize their clearance level. We err on the side of caution and don’t code name badges by clearance or recommend putting your clearance on your name badge — it’s going to come out in the conversation you have with a recruiter.

Minor details, but putting your best foot forward in your job search is always a good strategy.



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