Which Jobs Were Most Popular in 2018

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Which jobs were most popular in 2018 (1)When you’re looking for a new cleared job, it’s good to know if you have a lot of competition. The cleared community is shrinking and the unemployment rate is very low, so you may think that it’s a breeze to get a new cleared job. That depends on your skills, how in-demand those skills are, your geography, and your competition.

We’re sharing our most viewed jobs as well as the jobs that received the most applications in 2018. Some of the positions such as Security Escort may be what you expect to see. But did you know how competitive Intel or Program Management positions are?

As with anything on the internet, some jobs just seem to catch fire and become viral.

Cleared Jobs with the Most Views

  1. Weapons Technicians, Parsons, Secret, Coronado, CA
  2. Pilot, CACI, Top Secret, Afghanistan
  3. Custodian/Escort, PAE, Public Trust, Afghanistan
  4. Sustainment Automation Support Management Office, ManTech, Secret, Fort Stewart, Georgia
  5. Computer Network Defense Service Provider, ManTech, TS/SCI, Fort Meade, Maryland
  6. Air National Guard Order Writing System SME, GD-IT, Secret, Kansas City, MO
  7. Advanced Special Ops Techniques SME/Trainer, Leidos, Secret, Jacksonville, NC
  8. GCSS-A Aircraft Notebook Software Developer, SAIC, Secret, Huntsville, AL
  9. Customs & Border Patrol Business Intelligence Support Services, ManTech, Top Secret, Alexandria, VA
  10. AWS SysAdmin, Engility, TS/SCI, Chantilly, VA

Cleared Jobs Receiving the Most Applications

  1. Chief Technology Officer, Perspecta, Arlington, VA
  2. Geospatial Analyst, Sciolex, Chantilly, VA
  3. Security Officer, Allied Universal, Philadelphia, PA
  4. Warehouse Specialist, Olgoonik Global Security, Richmond, VA
  5. Arabic Linguist, Skanes Technology Group, Reston, VA
  6. Customer Service Rep, CACI, Fairfax, VA
  7. Program Manager, PAE, Falls Church, VA
  8. Jr. Test Engineer, Accenture, Springfield, VA
  9. Security Escort, PAE, Washington, DC
  10. Arabic Linguist/Translator, CWU, Arlington, VA

Employer Pages Receiving the Most Views

When looking at the most-viewed Employer profile pages, it’s not surprising that the list is almost exclusively large companies. Big companies have many open positions and are name brands so you expect to see those on the list. But there are some smaller companies that you may have never heard of that are here too.

The employer profile pages that were viewed the most by cleared job seekers in 2018:

  1. CACI
  2. Forefeiture Support Associates
  3. Booz Allen Hamilton
  4. GD-IT
  5. Raytheon
  6. PAE
  7. Idaho National Laboratory
  8. Dyncorp
  9. Amazon Web Services
  10. Leidos

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