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  • Are Your Job Postings Biased

    In the recruiting world employer brand has become a major asset in attracting top cleared talent. One of the first ways a company communicates their brand to a candidate is through their job postings. It’s important to realize that how you present your company in these ads can … more

  • The Art of Rejection: Making the Best of a Turn Down

    As cleared recruiting professionals, you know that hiring the best and the brightest is vital to the success of your organization. It's important to keep in mind, though, that a timely and respectful process for informing a candidate they haven’t gotten a position is also imper… more

  • Does Cultural Fit Exclude Diversity?

    It can be a bit of a recruiting paradox.  Do you hire for cultural fit or do you hire for diversity?  Truth be told, they do not have to be opposing practices.  The challenge is to find that comfort zone between the rock and the hard place where you consider all factors and hi… more

  • Cultural Fit in the Recruitment Process: Five Things To Consider

    More and more it’s accepted theory that recruiting for cultural fit results in improved, longer lasting hires for your organization. You think you’ve found a perfect employee candidate. As it turns out, they looked good on paper but may not thrive in your work environment … more

  • Strategy for Recruiting Passive Candidates

    You don’t need to be a 20-year industry veteran to know that recruiting passive cleared candidates will need a completely fresh strategy that’s different from the tactics you employ to source active applicants. Likewise you realize that passive cleared candidates are vital… more