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  • Boots to Business Suits: Debunking Myths for a Successful Military Transition

    Transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce is a significant life change that comes with a unique set of challenges. Stepping into the unknown is scary, but luckily there are veterans and recruiters happy to ease your burden and point you towards the right path… more

  • How to Participate in DoD SkillBridge and Have a Successful Internship

    Learn everything you’ve been wanting to know about the DoD SkillBridge program from Katie Steinbeck, Military Recruiting Liaison for Accenture Federal Services. As a participating SkillBridge employer, in addition to being a military spouse for nearly 20 years, Katie has i… more

  • When and How to Use Job Fairs in Your Military Transition

    Whether you’ve been in the military for four years or 30 years, transitioning can be scary. But there’s a good life waiting for you on the other side that includes new career opportunities. Cleared Job Fairs can be a terrific tool to get you out of your military bubbl… more

  • Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023

    National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a special opportunity to honor and celebrate the unsung heroes of our military. It's a chance to recognize the incredible resilience, strength, and sacrifices of military spouses who support their husbands and wives on active duty… more

  • Understanding the 3 Types of Job Fairs in Your Military Transition

    A lot of times, job fairs are the first place that people begin during their military transition. To help set you up for success, we're going to talk about the different types of job fairs you might encounter. If you understand the different types, you'll be able to manag… more