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  • Plan Your Military Exit

    Exiting a military career and heading for a commercial one can be confusing and challenging, but there are steps you can take ahead of time to plan your exit and make sure you are headed in the direction you want to go. Below I’ll detail some simple actions to help you step out… more

  • Transitioning Military, Do You Have an Exit Plan

    If you are currently serving in the military, you are engaged with an important day-to-day work schedule. But it’s important to start planning now for your entry into the civilian workforce. Your strategic plan should begin 15-18 months before you leave service. By taking contr… more

  • Military Transition: A Veterans Day Story

    We go into the military open to many new experiences and find opportunities we never thought of. Yet many of us are more fearful for our future when we depart. The “civilian world’ seems more foreign than we remember. The stakes are higher. Veterans Day always triggers memor… more

  • Road to Success in Transitioning from a Federal or Military Career

    I regularly talk with retiring federal and military people seeking a private sector role for their next step. Despite the transition programs available to both groups, many have not done enough work to truly understand their options. This hinders job search and raises one’s fru… more

  • Maximize Your Military Transition Success

    If you asked an expert, the ideal time to think about your post-military career starts when you start your military career. Smart – but few actually do this. So how do you create your future to achieve your goals? While Serving The earlier you start looking forward to both yo… more