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  • Military Transition Insights for Success in Security

    Pablo Breuer, Ph.D., is Chief Information Security Officer at Helm Services and a Retired U.S. Navy veteran with 22 years of service. What surprised you about your military transition? There were two things that caught me by surprise when I prepared for transfer. The f… more

  • Insider Advice From Veterans That Made the Transition

    We had the pleasure to attend virtual talks at ShellCon, presented by two veterans working in InfoSec. Christopher Elliot, U.S. Army Veteran, is Senior Manager, Security Operations for Hulu. Paul Navarro, retired United States Marine, is a Cyber Security Consultant at Micros… more

  • Veterans Roundup: Helicopters Over DC, National Parks for Veterans, and More

    A low-flying ‘show of force’Washington Post, Alex Horton, Andrew Ba Tran, Aaron Steckelberg and John Muyskens June 1 was a day of chaos in Washington, D.C. Protestors were cleared out of Lafayette Square in front of the White House by a mixture of U.S. Park Serv… more

  • Mistakes to Avoid in Your Military Transition

    It’s important to start planning for your entry into the civilian workforce before your military exit arrives. Take control of your career strategy now by researching, preparing your marketing materials, and networking to ease the road to transition ahead. 1. Writing a … more

  • Veterans Roundup: Better Names for Bases, Sex Trafficking in Bahrain, PREVENTS Disappoints, and More

    Five Women Veterans Who Deserve to Have Army Bases Named After ThemSmithsonian Magazine, Erin Blakemore (@heroinebook)  Over the past week, debates and strong opinions were revived around whether or not the U.S. military should rename southern bases currently memorializi… more