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  • How To Recruit Veterans For Your Next Great Hire

    Tips to help you successfully incorporate veteran hiring into your recruiting strategy. Are you looking for efficient, skilled, hard-working candidates? If you tap into the veteran talent pool, this is what you’ll find—a pipeline of ready, trained, and loyal professio… more

  • Talent Trends Impacting Your Workplace

    As the world evolves so do the ways we conduct business. Employer and employee relationships are shifting and becoming more equal than ever. Employees have expectations for a certain level of fairness, flexibility, and transparency in the workplace, while employers ask more … more

  • What I Learned Writing 60 Job Postings In 60 Days

    While hiring departments come in all shapes and sizes, there’s one thing we can all agree on: hiring is hard. Why? Well, hiring is a combination of a thousand different variables we don’t control. Think about it. We don’t control if the candidate’s wife/husband doesn�… more

  • A Successful Strategy to Recruit Polygraph Professionals

    Source for candidates with specific skill sets and polygraphs. Contact the candidate via email and phone. If there is mutual interest, have them sign a contingent offer. Then match the candidate to an appropriate position when it becomes available. That’s the approa… more

  • Interview with a Recruiter, Jonathan Everhardt, SOSi

    I’ve been with SOSi for about 18 months after transitioning out of the military. I served in the Marines for over 20 years where I spent a majority of my time recruiting. My primary focuses for SOSi recruiting are IT and cyber positions, in San Antonio, TX, Fort Bragg, NC an… more