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  • Security Clearance Reciprocity

    Will your clearance transfer from one agency to another? The answer is “It depends.” The U.S. Office of Personnel Management conducts the background investigations for the majority of federal government agencies. However there are several that conduct their own investigati… more

  • 5,150,379 Individuals Hold a Security Clearance

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released their 2013 Report on Security Clearance Determinations, providing details on the number of security clearances across government and contractors and metrics on the timeliness of security clearance determinations.… more

  • Automated Continuing Evaluation System and Your Security Clearance

    Depending on the level of clearance you hold, you will be reinvestigated for your fitness to hold a security clearance either every five, 10, or 15 years. In between the updated background investigations, clearance holders are required to report to their security manager certa… more

  • INSA Security Clearance Reform Recommendations

    Since 1947 the average spy began committing espionage after 12 years of service. That highlights why periodic reinvestigations (PR) are critically important. The influential Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has released the Security Reform Policy Council whit… more

  • Proposed Security Clearance Reforms Detail Navy Yard Shooter Missteps

    87 percent of OPM’s security clearance background investigation files are “incomplete.” That’s one of the many eye-opening findings in the recently released House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee report detailing flaws in the security cleara… more