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  • INSA Security Clearance Reform Recommendations

    Since 1947 the average spy began committing espionage after 12 years of service. That highlights why periodic reinvestigations (PR) are critically important. The influential Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has released the Security Reform Policy Council whit… more

  • Proposed Security Clearance Reforms Detail Navy Yard Shooter Missteps

    87 percent of OPM’s security clearance background investigation files are “incomplete.” That’s one of the many eye-opening findings in the recently released House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee report detailing flaws in the security cleara… more

  • Alcohol and Your Security Clearance

    Your use of alcohol and, more specifically, the following circumstances, can impact your eligibility for a security clearance: a. Criminal conduct involving alcohol b. Counseling or treatment for alcohol use c. Excessive use/drinking to intoxication There are various sections… more

  • Foreign Influence and Your Security Clearance

    Foreign Contacts Contact with foreign nationals is one of the top reasons that security clearances are denied, suspended, or revoked. The concern agencies have is whether there is anything about your contact that could lead you to compromise classified information. However, not… more

  • Financial Issues and Your Security Clearance

    In this economy, it is not uncommon for individuals to have delinquent debts reflected on their credit report. Credit cards are the most common source of delinquent debts. However, as times become tough, Americans are having problems paying debts such as mortgages, car notes, stu… more