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  • Are You Impacted by BRAC and Wondering What To Do

    Once it seemed so far away and so full of tough choices that it was easy to postpone decisions. But here your BRAC changes still are and the deadlines approach. What now? Step 1.  What are you actually facing? Great job, moving to a distant location - quite different choices f… more

  • Wounded Warrior Mentor Program

    May is National Military Appreciation Month. Each week this month we bring you articles that honor our nation’s vets. Our second post is by Chrissa Dockendorf a Mentor/Intake Interviewer/Soldier Recruiter with the Wounded Warrior Mentor Program. Seeking a way to support Woun… more

  • Job Search: Stumbling Blocks and Feedback

    Job search is a difficult process for most of us. Applications disappear into black holes, a great opportunity looms but you cannot get a response, an interview goes well but months later a rejection letter arrives. In recent years these problems and many others have been aggrava… more

  • Job Search Without a College Degree

    Many enlisted military and retiring federal workers who do not have a bachelors degree face a surprise in the civilian job world - the demand for a degree for jobs that they have held.  Many federal contracts demand a degree for such jobs when contracted out. Some still … more

  • April 7 Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker Story

    We caught up with job seeker Dale Brandt at yesterday's Cleared Job Fair in Springfield, VA. Dale was a Cleared Job Fair attendee several years ago. Now that he's back in the job market Dale has returned to visit with us.  Dale is seeking a position in hard-core science. He … more