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  • Four reasons not to stop your job search during the holidays

    A lot of job seekers assume that the holidays stretching from Thanksgiving until after the New Year are a time to put their job search on hold. If you tell yourself no employers hire over the holidays, no employers interview during December, everyone is physically (or mentally) o… more

  • Military transition: Career choices

    So there you are, trying to figure out what jobs in the civilian world will be worthwhile. And here I am, regularly talking success stories and research.... With all the potential careers available, how do you start to choose? First steps are to think about what your knowledge… more

  • Military transition: Your strengths matter

    Whether you are transitioning military to civilian after a short time or a full career, there are resources available to help you make this move. Sure the quality of transition resources varies. But I am still surprised at how many miltary folks don't really use most of what is … more

  • “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

    I couldn’t resist the opportunity to incorporate one of the season’s classics into our Movie Quote Mondays. For many “Halloween” with Jamie Lee Curtis or “Fright Night” or “Twilight” may be more in keeping with the season, but … more

  • The next steps in cyber security

    Did you know this is the seventh annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Get out your protective gear and we’ll relate what we learned about cyber security from Gigi Schumm of Symantec at FedTalks 2010. If you go back seven years ago to 2003 the big viruses were blaste… more