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  • How to Negotiate Salary for Your Job Offer

    You've received a job offer but you're not pleased with the salary being offered. What do you do? HR Specialist Patra Frame discusses the best strategy for negotiating your offer, including salary. Your first consideration is, do you really want the job? Don't waste anyone'… more

  • U.S. Army Birthday and Flag Day Wrap-up

    We'd like to thank the folks at IWearYourShirt for helping us celebrate the U.S. Army's 236th birthday and Flag Day yesterday.  Birthdays should be fun and our goal was to draw attention to the Army's birthday and to remind folks about the soldiers who are serving … more

  • The Most Important Lesson I Learned in the Army

    Jason from IWearYourShirt.comTuesday June 14 is the U.S. Army’s 236th birthday. As a pre-celebration we bring you Constantine von Hoffman’s thoughts on the most important lesson he learned in the Army. Join ClearedJobs.Net next Tuesday as we celebrate the Army’s birthday wi… more

  • Keep Networking for a Successful Career

    Networking can be a scary word for some job seekers. It sounds much more accessible and friendly when you think of networking simply as human connection. You need to keep that human connection going throughout your career. Networking is not just important in landing a job. I… more

  • Military Transition: The Accidental Entrepreneur

    May is National Military Appreciation Month. Each week this month we bring you articles that honor our nation's vets. Our fourth post is by Fred Wellman, Lt. Col. U.S. Army (retired), currently President Scoutcomms. I hate being in the majority. I have always avoided going with … more