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  • Maintaining Job Search Privacy: Blocking Your Current Employer on ClearedJobs.Net

    Your job seeker profile on ClearedJobs.Net offers a convenient "Block Employer" feature that allows you to prevent specific employers from seeing your profile and resume. Read on to learn how to block employers on your ClearedJobs.Net profile to ensure you can discreetly sea… more

  • How to Keep Your Cleared Job Search on the Down Low

    Do you want to keep your cleared job search quiet? Sometimes, for any number of reasons, we really don’t want anyone that we work with to know that we’re seeking a new position. If that describes your situation, here are some steps you can take to be sure your coll… more

  • Have You Used Block Employer

    "Block Employer" is a feature available on your ClearedJobs.Net job seeker profile that allows you to block any employer in our database from being able to see your profile and resume. When Do I Use Block Employer You may be an active job seeker and you don’t want your cu… more