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  • What Hiring Managers Want From Your Social Media Accounts

    Is social media helping or hurting job seekers? The results of a just released CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers who research candidates via social media illustrate it all depends on the job seeker. Self-Defeating Content The top mentions for self-defeating content… more

  • Cleared Job Seeker Guide Released

    Starting your job search and need direction? Already in your job search and need direction? Download our Cleared Job Seeker Guide. It's a step-by-step guide designed to assist security cleared job seekers in their next career move, providing practical tips and guidance for eve… more

  • How to Sharpen Your Job Search

    Been hunting for a new job for awhile? Or thinking of starting a job search? Summer is a great time to ‘sharpen your saw’ to quote an old proverb. Too many people just update an old resume, tell all their friends that they need a new job, and look at ads online. Not the be… more

  • How Does a Recruiter Use Social Media to Vet Job Seekers

    Veteran technical recruiter Doug Munro shares how he uses social media to vet cleared job seekers. Doug uses LinkedIn to find a more robust picture of a job seeker’s experience and abilities vs. what is found on a resume. And he relates the sage advice we all know now –… more

  • March 12 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    U.S. Defense Companies Should Remain Strong if No Sequestration Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News. Defense department and Congressional leaders told an investors conference last week that those companies and programs that have survived the current budget cuts are more than likely t… more