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  • Digital Detective Work: Survey Shows Most Employers Search Online for Information About Potential Creative Hires

    A polished resume and portfolio aren't the only tools professionals need to land their next job. A new survey shows a sterling digital presence is important, too. Important note: We want to point out that this recent survey was specifically done for the advertising and marketing… more

  • Big Ideas, Big Action

    Big Ideas, Big Action brought together a great cross section of technos, non-profits, big thinkers, small companies, corporations and social media gurus to talk about how do you come up with the ideas and more importantly how do you implement these. We were all brought together t… more

  • “Ask Patra!” Column … Edition #002

    Each week, Patra Frame, a frequent presenter at the Cleared Job Fairs will answer a job seekers question. These are questions that are either asked at the Cleared Job Fairs or sent into Patra. The questions can range from job searching, interviewing, or career strategy. This week… more