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  • Undefeated 2-Day Ride Raises Over $180,000

    Each year ClearedJobs.Net sponsors the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation Undefeated Bike Ride. And each year our VP of Sales, Carter Goodnough, donates his time and energy to support the production of the ride. The Undefeated EOD Bike Ride is a two-day, nearly 160 mile ride along… more

  • Undefeated 2-Day Bike Ride for Wounded EOD Technicians

    For the fourth consecutive year ClearedJobs.Net is sponsoring the Undefeated Two Day Bike Ride, Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7. The ride covers nearly 200-miles of scenic Southern California coastline. Last year’s ride raised nearly $220,000. This year’s goal is… more

  • Help A Wounded Warrior With His Bike Ride Fundraising

    As the Undefeated 2-Day Ride has grown over the last three years many inspiring stories have emerged. This year a young man came to the Canari Cycling Club – the lead organization in creating the Undefeated 2-Day Ride – asking for support. One year after he lost both legs to … more

  • Bike Ride to Support Wounded EOD Warriors, How It Began and How You Can Help

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="John Kremer"][/caption] As part of ClearedJobs.Net’s support of the military, we’re actively involved in the Undefeated 2-Day Ride to support the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation (WEODWF). There are many wonderful organi… more