The 10 Most Read Articles of 2023

Posted by Ashley Jones

With the New Year just around the corner, let’s practice counting down from 10. Instead of 10 seconds to midnight, we have 10 blogs queued up to help you maintain your security clearance and polish your job search skills. By the time you’ve reviewed our most-read articles of 2023, you’ll be closer to securing your next cleared job.

10. From 161 to 6: Landing the Interview for a Competitive Role

Out of 161 applicants for one popular position, only six made it to the interview stage. Dive into the data to find out what made those six candidates successful, so you can stand out in your own cleared job search.

9. Understanding Guideline B: Foreign Influence

Do you hold foreign assets, vote in foreign elections, or have close family or friends outside of the United States? There are a variety of situations like these that can jeopardize your ability to hold and maintain a security clearance.

8. 5 Unique Cleared Careers to Consider

Ever wonder about the intriguing world of medical instructors or the adventurous path of couriers in the government contracting landscape? See some of the unique ways security clearances can be put to use.

7. How to Apply for a 1099 Gig on ClearedJobs.Net

Dale Davidson, author of Going 1099, received three 1099 job offers in one year that began with uploading his resume to ClearedJobs.Net. Read his proven steps to help you land your own 1099 gig in the cleared community.

6. 15 Reasons Why Your Cleared Resume Is Causing You Job Search Problems

There are a number of reasons why your resume may be causing you problems, from simple mistakes like typos and grammar issues, to more complex issues like not highlighting your value to potential employers. Check your resume against this list of potential problem areas.

5. Security Clearances & Foreign Contacts: Who Do You Need to Report?

Do you have continuous contact with a foreign national? The key word there is continuous. Find out which contacts do and do not require reporting when it comes to maintaining your security clearance.

4. 3 Resume Tips from an SAIC Sourcer to Help Employers Find You

Don’t be afraid to go long, don’t be fancy, and be sure you highlight the big four, advises Rob Stockel of SAIC. But what are the big four on a resume? Read here for all of Rob’s tips and to find out what happens after a sourcer like Rob finds your resume.

3. Medical Marijuana Edibles and Your Security Clearance

The rules can seem hazy when it comes to the legality of marijuana, as more states legalize its use. Let’s take a look at a real case to find out if a security clearance holder who took marijuana edibles on multiple occasions was able to keep their security clearance after attending a hearing before an administrative judge.

2. Interview with a Recruiter, Jennifer Rhodes, Raytheon

Why would you want to work at Raytheon? Recruiter Jennifer Rhodes is happy to tell you. Learn about the hiring process and positions at Raytheon, as well as some of Jennifer’s top tips for cleared job seekers.

1. Everything You Need to Know About Continuous Vetting

If you’ve held a security clearance for a while, you’re likely familiar with periodic reinvestigations. Continuous vetting is here to replace PRs, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We went to the source to answer all your questions about the process in our interview with Ryan Dennis, Deputy Assistant Director of Continuous Vetting within the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA).

That’s a wrap on 2023. If you have subjects you would like us to cover next year, please email [email protected] with your suggestions. We’d love your input!


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