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  • The Biggest Benefit of Job Boards to Employers

    There is a big benefit to a company's regular presence on job boards: branding. Before I go any further, let me suggest a working definition for branding in recruitment: the reputation/image/’slot’ the employer holds in its prospective employees’ minds. In other words, … more

  • The 3 Benefits of Social Media and Your Job Search

    Cat videos. The Kardashians. Inappropriate tweets by The Onion. It’s understandable why some cleared job seekers still shy away from social media. There is a lot of chaff in the wheat and we’ve all seen or heard examples of individuals over-sharing information and making t… more

  • Interviewing: Follow Up for Success

    Whenever I talk about job search, there are questions about following up after an interview. Why, when, how, how much... ‘Why?’ is easy. When you write a thank-you note to interviewers, you have another chance to impress each interviewer you talked with. When you check in… more

  • Social Networking in Your Job Search at Military Transition Classes

    As a veteran-owned company, ClearedJobs.Net is committed to supporting transitioning military. One way we do this is by presenting Social Networking in Your Job Search and providing lunch to military transition classes at bases around the metro DC area. [caption id="attachm… more

  • Genuine Care and Concern 1, Demons 0

    Marines come to the ’mountain’ with various career-ending ailments--combat wounds, illness, injury, brain and psychological trauma. They are biding their time negotiating the military medical system, waiting on final treatments, final decisions, the final salute in uniform, a… more