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  • Job search techniques and tools

    The Internet offers a lot of information on job search techniques and tools.  Unfortunately the quality is very uneven. And generally I would suggest you check out any sites that want money very, very carefully before punching in your credit card numbers.  Here are some art… more

  • U.S. Military Opens the Door to Social Media Use by Active Duty Personnel Launches a New Social Media Platform Designed Exclusively for US Military and Supporters; The First of its Kind Recent policy changes by the US Department of Defense, (DOD), provide a new approach to the use of social media by military personnel. Announced in early… more

  • Recruiting Now… or Stuck in the Past?

    Peter Weddle gave a great preview of 2010 Recruiting to's Best Recruiters of 2009 celebration.  I could fist-bump them all, but thought his forecast that social media use in recruiting would be ‘growing up’ critically important. Years ago when I first was … more

  • Defense Department issues much anticipated Web 2.0 policy

    Download mp3 It is seven months in the works, the Defense Department this afternoon issued the first of its kind Web 2.0 policy. The document is titled "Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-Based Capabilities." The nine-page memo essentially lays out whether DOD employ… more

  • Digital Detective Work: Survey Shows Most Employers Search Online for Information About Potential Creative Hires

    A polished resume and portfolio aren't the only tools professionals need to land their next job. A new survey shows a sterling digital presence is important, too. Important note: We want to point out that this recent survey was specifically done for the advertising and marketing… more