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  • The First Question in an Interview

    Tell me about yourself. And so the interview begins. The interviewer asks this ice breaker question as much to start a conversation as to actually learn about the job seeker sitting in front of him or her. The question: "So why don’t you tell me about yourself?” is gene… more

  • What’s Your Greatest Strength

    "What's your greatest strength?" asks the interviewer. "Well, mmmm. . . , I would say I'm . . . uh," stumbles the interviewee. A missed opportunity to succinctly and reasonably tell your interviewer a couple of your key attributes that make you stand out from the crowd and why … more

  • Most Frequently Asked Interview Question – What’s Your Biggest Weakness

    "What's your biggest weakness?" asks the interviewer. "Well, um, I guess it would be…." stumbles the interviewee. And, the rest as they say is history. A history of missed opportunities due to lack of a credible and reasonable response to one of the most frequently asked inte… more

  • Nine Cardinal Rules of Interviewing

    Hundreds, and probably thousands of rules, guidelines, and guides have been written about how to interview. Some are more helpful than others. However ignoring the Rules of Interviewing listed below can ruin your chance of getting a cleared job! Rule # 1 Never answer a questio… more

  • If You’re Talking, You’re Interviewing

    If you're talking, you're interviewing. Treat every conversation, and the information you reveal, as if it’s an interview. It's an important concept to grasp if you want to be successful more quickly in your search for a new cleared job. Be cautious. This is not the time fo… more