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  • To Vacation or Not to Vacation When in a Job Search

    It’s that time of year. Friends, families, colleagues, it seems everyone is going on vacation. What about you? The idea may be tempting, especially if those friends, family members, and colleagues are pressuring you to take some time off. It may be even more tempting if you�… more

  • Military Transition: Finding Your Best Career Choices

    These are selected excerpts from Patra Frame's new ebook Military Transition: Defining Your Future Career Options for Current Military and Veterans. A Job-Hunt Guide. Too often my conversations with military in transition demonstrate they have jumped into a job search with lim… more

  • How to be a Zebra in a Field of Cleared Unicorns

    Unicorns and purple squirrels (terms recruiters use for job seekers that match a job opening's requirements perfectly) are hard to find. In this field of mythical creatures you have to find a way to be a zebra. A real animal with high contrast stripes that doesn’t look like any… more

  • Always Tailor Your Resume When You Apply

    You crafted your resume, fine-tuned it, spellchecked it and are ready to hit send, confident the job is yours. STOP! If you haven’t tailored it for the specific job for which you’re applying you might as well hit delete instead of send. Recruiters spend an average of si… more

  • Delivering an Effective Presentation

    Some job seekers are asked to make a presentation as a part of their interview process. If they deliver an effective presentation to the interview team, they’ll likely move on to the next step of the interview process. If they deliver a great presentation they may find themselv… more