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  • Volunteering as Part of Your Job Search Strategy

    Several experts, including our own Patra Frame, share that volunteering is important in a job search. That’s particularly true if you’re unemployed. Volunteering is networking. It’s good for you, good for the organization and often helpful to your job search. Like any en… more

  • Increase Your Value When You’re Between Jobs

    "Job search is not a full work week. If it is you're wasting a lot of time," shares Patra Frame. Provocative? For those of you between jobs, this is a must-see video. What should you do? Update your existing skills. Learn new skills via free webinars or OneStop … more

  • Cleared Job Seeker Guide Released

    Starting your job search and need direction? Already in your job search and need direction? Download our Cleared Job Seeker Guide. It's a step-by-step guide designed to assist security cleared job seekers in their next career move, providing practical tips and guidance for eve… more

  • Why It Pays Off to Provide LinkedIn Recommendations

    One of the biggest goals on LinkedIn is to obtain recommendations from past supervisors, bosses, peers, and co-workers to enrich your profile. You can never have enough. Recruiters like recommendations because they provide information that typically isn’t found on a resume or i… more

  • You Don’t Have to Connect with Everyone

    A challenge for many who want to move onto social media, especially to support their job search, is how to “connect” or “link” or “friend” some requests, but not all requests. If you’re a cleared job seeker with very little online experience, this is especially true… more